When To Upgrade Your Web Hosting From Shared To VPS in USA?



Are you an existing user of shared hosting? Do you think it is time to shift but are not sure of the decision? We have created this article on server upgradation just for you. 

Here you will get details on shared servers and VPS in USA hosting. We have also crafted a list of reasons for you to make up your mind for the upcoming hosting upgradation.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared service is essentially a part of the main server where there is no separation of resources. It is simply a platform that hosts multi-tenants on a single server. Such hostings are much more suitable for a startup or low-traffic website. Its users get a moderate amount of bandwidth, storage, and RAM specifications for their websites which is usually sufficient. An averse part of this service is that the user does not have any details of resource sharing.

A shared server is very easy to use because of its user-friendly approach. Most companies offer competitive prices for this service plan. Take shared hosting as the base level of the hosting world from where you can start your journey.

What is VPS Hosting in USA?

A VPS server in USA is similar to a dedicated server. This service is available at a considerably more affordable price than a dedicated server. The client gets a private space on the main server through virtual separation. This allows complete consumption of resources like RAM, disk storage, bandwidth, etc. 

A website hosted on a VPS in USA  has a much faster data transmission speed than a shared setting. This service also offers constant data backups to its client with SSD storage disks. The data is much safe with this hosting as compared to a shared one. A special feature of this service is managed hosting. The client can get managed VPS hosting from the provider. The website is under automated monitoring in this mode. A team of technical experts takes charge of the website in case of any hosting or server-related issue. 

Currently, if you think a USA VPS server can solve all your problems, then let us guide you through it.

When to Upgrade From Shared Hosting To VPS in USA ?

  1. Website faces high-visitor traffic

A sudden rise in visitor count on your website is an indication you need a better hosting service like VPS in USA. Such servers help immensely in handling heavy traffic on websites by facilitating better data transmission.

  1. Want to upgrade your SEO ranking

SEO ranking is directly associated with user experience. This experience majorly depends on website speed. The faster the user gets the information, the better will be the page experience. Also, a secured website has better value in the eyes of search engines.

  1. Desire to avail of customization

Shared hosting has limited resources, but virtual hosting has ample web resources to fulfil the client’s requirements. If you are thinking of upscaling your RAM or disk storage, then a virtual server will be the best option. 

  1. Require root access

Every now and then, you feel the need to install a certain application or remove software due to your shifting necessities. VPS hosting in USA  allows complete root access to the client to undertake all these activities efficiently.

  1. Wish for dedicated IP addresses

A dedicated IP address enables better website protection as only an individual client is using that IP address. It saves you from IP blacklisting due to other clients’ bad intentions. This type of dedicated service is available with VPS in USA  only.

  1. Upgrade the security of the website

Virtual separation on the main server offers personal hosting space to the client. This creates a safe passage for all the website’s data and a virtual wall between the web resources of other clients. Shared hostings do not deliver such facilities to their clients merely because there is no separation on this server. On the other hand, this service is part of a VPS server in USA . A virtual server like tel-aviv server also offers better DDoS protection which can disrupt traffic on your website.


There is a variety of hosting services in the market; you have to pick the best one for you. You have already tried your hands at a multi-tenant server and feel that your visitor traffic is too high. If the above scenario describes your current situation, then it’s time you consider VPS hosting in USA seriously. 

Do look for other reasons, too, like better SEO ranking, full root access, dedicated IP facility, or enhanced data security. Upgrading a hosting service is quite effortless with a smart client support team. We urge you to make a smart decision for your bright web business in time.

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