VSI Jaipur Guidance to Score 400+ Marks in CA Inter Exam

CA Inter Exam

Now that you’ve passed the CA Foundation Level, it is the moment for you to concentrate on clearing the CA Inter exam. The journey of becoming a CA becomes tough from here since the CA Intermediate exam is extremely challenging. Also, students face problems clearing the exams in a single attempt or even after multiple attempts. So this is because the subjects need good concept clearance along with good knowledge of each subject. Passing each level won’t come easily but by working hard you should succeed! Becoming successful as a CA, will require dedication.

Now is the time to totally concentrate on your studies. So this is because in order to pass the CA Intermediate examination your score needs to reach at least 40% in each subject and 50% overall.

The CA Intermediate syllabus has eight subjects split into two groups. While all aspects are important and you should cover every course objectively, certain topics in each subject offer more points while others take a lot of effort to understand. No matter what, your goal should be achieving high CA Intermediate results or at least single-digit ranks!

In this post, VSI jaipur highlights the CA Inter Preparation strategy that will help you score better and clear the exams in a single attempt. 

CA Inter Exam Preparation Strategy By VSI Jaipur

VSI Jaipur is one of the top CA preparation institutes. Students from VSI Jaipur have scored AIR 1 and also students are scoring AIRs and clearing the exams in a single attempt. Moreover, VSI Jaipur provides one of the best CA online classes in India. Let’s check what VSI Jaipur has to present about the CA inter both group study plan that can help CA aspirants clear the exams. 

1. Prepare A Time Table And Study Plan for the CA Inter exam

It is crucial that Intermediate Exam Preparation begins with an organized timetable and CA intermediate study plan. Draw out charts detailing each day or month leading up to test day. Also, strategically distribute syllabus topics while leaving enough revision time. Be clear about what topics you must cover, how much time should you give to each topic, and what time you should devote to revision. 

Time management is equally as essential since CA Inter Exam often leaves you exhausted within 24 hours. Therefore make sure not to overstrain yourself too quickly during preparation!

2. Enroll In The Best CA Coaching for CA Inter Exam

If self-studying proves too challenging for you, CA coaching is also a great option. This will help you with CA Inter exam preparation. In recent years, coaching institutes and online classes from top CA Institutes in India have played an important role to help CA students clear the inter exams. So look out for the best institute in your city or take any online CA Intermediate Classes.

3. Learn Good Time Management

Time management is of utmost importance while preparing for CA Inter exams. This means that you should manage your 24 hours very well so that you have sufficient time to cover the topics and also revise them. Time management is also important when you solve the question paper during the exam. Hence, you must practice enough mock test papers that will help you manage your time well.

4. Consider Solving Enough Mock Test Papers

One of the most important CA Inter preparation tips is solving enough mock test papers. Solving enough mock test papers or revision test papers will help you to keep a track on your preparation. It will help you pinpoint the weak areas and also put in more effort. Try to solve the ICAI mock test papers and the previous year’s question papers.

5. Stay Healthy Both Mentally And Physically 

We know that CA Inter Exam preparation can be both mentally and physically straining. However, when preparing for the exam, you must stay healthy. Your health matters a lot when preparing for the exams. So during the exam preparation, have a healthy lifestyle. Leading a healthy lifestyle includes getting enough restful sleep, doing regular exercise, having good meals, and also taking enough breaks during your exam preparation. 

Always understand that a healthy body and mind lead to greater focus, productivity, and better decisions. You will stay away from unnecessary stress and can focus better. 

6. Always Have Positive Thinking

Throughout your CA Inter Exam preparation, it is always important to be self-motivated. Throughout the preparation, have a positive mindset and don’t be difficult on yourself. Always have supportive friends and family members who can motivate you through these times. 


Now that we know some of the most important tips for CA Inter Exam preparation, it is time to start your preparation. These tips by VSI Jaipur will help you prepare better and improve your chances of scoring better. So join VSI Jaipur and start your preparation today. 

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