Solar Panels Installation in Melbourne: A Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners 

Solar Panel Installation

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Australia is renowned for its stunning landscapes, natural beauty, and lush vegetation stretching across the country. Besides greenery, most cities in the country aim for eco-friendly and sustainable energy methods. One of these cities is Melbourne.  

While the city is known for its street art, laneway culture, and coffee, it has earned a reputation as one of the most sustainable cities in Australia and worldwide. It is currently among the most livable and eco-friendly cities in the world.  

From the mini-grids in Mooroolbark powering most of the community to the initiative of firing up the trans system in the city using renewable energy, this is the place to be if green living is what you are craving. If you want to join the other residents in the city’s ecological journey, you might need to consider solar panel installation in Melbourne.  

The installation will come with its fair share of advantages. City residents are estimated to spend more than $2,000 annually on electricity. So, one of the most significant benefits will be the amount you will save, and within five years, you will have recouped your investment. In this guide, you will learn everything you need about solar installation in Melbourne.  

Who Can Install Your Panels in Melbourne? 

The state of Victoria encourages you to turn to solar energy, whether you are a homeowner or a business. In both cases, you can benefit from grants. The state offers grants of about $2225 to any homeowner who installs solar panels. That is more than the average annual spending of a household in Melbourne on electricity.  

On the other hand, business owners can benefit from tax rebates if the annual turnover is less than $2 million. And since these grants will not last, it might be high time you seize the opportunity.  

If you have decided that solar energy is what you are going for, it is time to start looking for the perfect company. Reposit Power has all the attributes you want to enjoy a seamless solar energy experience. With the company, you will enjoy the following: 

  • Credibility 
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The company will also trade on the energy market on your behalf. You will install their solar panels and the smart controller with no bill, and they will manage the trading of all the energy produced on markets where individual systems cannot take place in. You will be playing in the big league together with other members of the Reposit community.  

 Choosing a System for Your Solar Panel 

There are various types of solar panels in the market, each with a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Before selecting the type of panel you need, you must consider your home’s size, energy needs, and budget.  

The three primary solar panels used in home solar panel systems are:  

  • Monocrystalline panels – These solar panels are made from a single silicon crystal; and are highly efficient, converting sunlight into energy. They have excellent heat tolerance characteristics and a small footprint.  
  • Polycrystalline panels – If affordability is your primary goal, these are the panels you might consider. They are made from multiple silicon crystals but offer slightly lesser efficiency than polycrystalline panels.  
  • Thin film panels- They are made from different materials, such as cadmium telluride and amorphous silicon. While being less expensive, they are also less efficient.  

After deciding which solar panel you will install, roof suitability is the next factor you must consider. Here you need to ensure the orientation of the roof is ideal for maximum sunlight, the pitch is between 10 to 30 degrees, trees do not shade the roof, and it is in good condition to support the weight of the solar panels.  

Cost of Solar Panels Installation 

The cost of installing solar panels in Melbourne will vary depending on the system size you will need. You can pay between $2,900 and $10,000 for your solar installation. While it might look a lot on the surface, you need to understand this is more of an investment than an expense.  

The Victorian Solar Homes initiative allows you to get a rebate of up to 50% of the installation cost. Your system will pay for itself in less than five years when coupled with the annual savings. In addition, you will have the option of selling your electricity to the power providers. Several factors will affect the electricity amount you will save each year with solar in Melbourne. The rating of the panel is among these factors. You will save $690 with 2kW, $1,039 with 3Kw, $1,736 with 5kW, and $3,472 with 10kW.  


Melbourne is expected to have a population of 6m people by 2032 and overtake Sydney. The council continuously encourages people to adopt eco-friendly methods of transport and energy. One of the best sources of green energy is solar panels. It can be an excellent way for every Melbourne resident to lower their impact on the environment and reduce their electricity bills. With the right system, you will have long-term savings and even benefit from selling electricity. But as always, research, work with reputable installers, and seek professional advice to ensure a successful panel installation. 

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