Most Prominent Tourist Attractions In Bekasi, Indonesia


Consider spending the weekend with your family and seeing the most popular sites in Bekasi. Are you, on the other hand, uncertain about your destination? Alternatively, you may be a tourist who has arrived in Bekasi while touring Indonesia.

This page will put you on the correct route in Bekasi, Indonesia. Bekasi, Indonesia, is home to an abundance of unique tourist attractions. Even though it is a satellite city of Jakarta, Bekasi has an economy comparable to that of the metropolitan area. For Indonesians from all around the country, the industrial city of Bekasi is a favorite weekend destination. If you are wondering to go there anytime soon. Without further ado, start planning, and book sun country airlines tickets online hassle-free. Also, save up to 65% off on every flight till the last minute. To assist you, just utilize the city’s various tourist attractions to break up the monotony of the workweek on the weekends and during the holidays.

In the name of Ranggon Saung

Despite the city’s tremendous expansion, there is still a neighborhood in Bekasi that has existed for around 500 years. Saung Ranggon is now one of Bekasi, Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations.

The cultural heritage area of Saung Ranggon is situated in Kampung Cikedokan, a residential neighborhood in West Cikarang. This region is readily accessible by automobile.

According to mythology, Saung Ranggon was constructed in the 16th century by Prince Rangga. The lineage of Prince Rangga may be traced down to Prince Jayakarta’s son, Prince Rangga.

Originally, Saung Ranggon served as a storage facility for the neighboring villagers who grew their own food. Despite its wooden stilt house look, it has been turned into a historical tourist destination and a source of pride for the residents of Bekasi.

Gedung Juang 45, often referred to as the Juang Building

Bekasi is one of the cities present throughout Indonesia’s war for independence, and it has a rich history. The Juang 45 structure in Bekasi, Indonesia, remembers the pain faced by the city’s citizens.

This ancient structure operated as a government office throughout the Dutch and Japanese eras. After achieving victory against the Japanese, TNI soldiers gained control of the Juang Building.

The Juang 45 edifice was erected in 1901 with a design that fused European and Indonesian architectural traditions. Despite its antiquity, Gedung Juang 45’s intricate art deco architecture makes it a fantastic subject for photography.

Crocodile Park Indonesia Jaya

TBIJ is located in Bekasi’s Serang Baru neighborhood. These crocodiles contain at least 500 species, including the Kalimantan long-snouted crocodile, the Sumatran estuary crocodile, the Irian crocodile, and the albino crocodile.

As a famous and authentic tourist destination in Venice, the Venetian Water Carnaval Bekasi includes a family adventure. In the Venetian Water Carnival area, you may enjoy the lively spirit of the Italian carnival. The new water park and waterpark layout will make this year’s Christmas season even more enjoyable and memorable for you and your family.

Children will be willing to engage in water play if the pools are equipped with slides and large buckets.

The Venetian Water Carnaval has a range of ancillary attraction, including entertainment stages, children’s playgrounds, and four-dimensional theatres, all of which are intended to enhance the celebration.

Forestry in the City of Bekasi Forest

In December 2012, the Bekasi City Forest was officially opened to the public. Since its first release to the public, one of Bekasi’s green spaces has quickly become a favorite among the city’s inhabitants and visitors. The city forest, consisting of clusters of plants and rows of trees, may be a pleasant sight for visitors. Patriot City’s people are relieved to have Bekasi City Forest as a green zone in the center of the industrial district.

The Waterfall of Parigi Curug,

Even though Bekasi is situated in an industrial area, its closeness to a landfill is well-known. However, these early perceptions may disguise the chance that the city is home to an indescribably unique natural feature. Curug Parigi is the dish’s name.

Since its discovery in 2000, the waterfall has been accessible to the public. A tiny number of nature-loving people, such as the gowns and photonic communities, as well as inhabitants of neighboring villages who are aware of Curug Parigi’s presence, frequent this vacation destination. If you’ve never heard of it before, don’t be scared to investigate!


To guarantee that future generations may enjoy the beauty of such locations, remember them in a way that will always make you smile, and do your part to keep the area clean. So, why wait? Book your next trip to Indonesia with AirlinesMap and let us make your journey experiences more exciting. Have a wonderful journey in Indonesia!

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