Is a Dedicated Server Protected from DDoS Attacks in USA?



A server is something that is responsible for storing the website’s data and making it available when the user asks for it over the Internet. This is a very simple explanation, although the detailed process is quite complex. 

Moving on to types of servers, a VPS is a type of server just like dedicated, cloud, or shared servers. A dedicated server in USA is considered to be a very high-profile server that offers private space on the Internet along with complete utilization of web resources like RAM, disk space, etc. 

Each and every server is equipped to handle cyberattacks like DDoS. Some have better resources, while others may not have them. Anti-DDoS software is the best option to protect the website from such invasions. 

In this article, we will understand DDoS attacks and their types. We will also have a detailed look at DDoS-protected US dedicated servers and their benefits.

What Do You Mean by A DDoS Attack? 

A distributed denial of service, or DDoS, actually does what it says. It disrupts the user traffic of a website and floods the platform with fake visitors. This leads to a traffic jam-like situation on the website. Let’s understand this cyberattack with the help of an example. 

Ria arranged an art exhibition in her house for a small group of people to make some money. A crowd of 10 to 12 men entered her house in the name of an art exhibition, jamming the place jam-packed. The intention of this crowd was to steal the valuable items from Ria’s house and disrupt the genuine art lovers that were there to buy the paintings.

A DDoS attack does the same thing on a targeted website, making it harder for genuine traffic to navigate the pages of the website. This type of attack results in a slowdown of the server and makes it vulnerable to hacking attempts. 

3 Types of Dedicated Server Attacks in USA

A DDoS attack has not one but three different types, including the application attack, the volumetric attack, and the protocol attack. Check out these types one by one in a detailed format. 

  • Application layer attack

This type of attack includes constant requests from the same source to overwhelm the US dedicated server. Bots or other machines are making these requests. This is called an application layer attack because its target sits on layer 7 of the operating system.

  • DNS amplification attack

The most famous type of DDoS attack is flooding the website with fake visitors through DNS amplification. This leads to the exhaustion of bandwidth and a slowdown in the website. The hackers also get a nice big window to corrupt the data of targeted websites during this process.

  • Protocol attack

Every time two computers want to exchange data, they require a safety handshake. The first step of this handshake is the SYN packet. This process is pretty simple and smooth. During a protocol attack, a large number of SYN packets are sent to the server computer, and it responds to each one of them to complete the handshake. But the packets don’t respond, and the server eventually crashes after waiting for too long. 

What Do You Mean By a DDoS Protected Dedicated Server in USA?

A DDoS-protected dedicated server in USA works with the motive of safeguarding valuable data. This goal is achieved through anti-DDoS software, dedicated IP addresses, a strong firewall, etc. DDoS protection works by scanning and identifying incoming traffic. 

All these and many more measures put a safety cover on dedicated server hosting in USA. This type of physically located single-tenant hosting has an automated server monitoring system. This system looks for any suspicious activity and informs the client about it in advance, giving the client ample time to react. 

The best dedicated server saves the website from crashing suddenly due to DDoS-like cyberattacks in USA. This type of server hosting is best for platforms dealing with large data sets and high-visitor traffic.

How Does DDoS Protection Secure a Cheap Dedicated Server in USA? 

DDoS protection works in different ways, and we have picked some of the best methods for it. Please have a quick look at them below.

  • Using a combination of filters, such as the ingress filter, which identifies and scans the incoming packets. Another one is the egress filter; this filter makes sure suspicious packet requests do not leave the system.
  • The automatic detection technique works on the principle of scanning and preventing such cyber attacks.
  • The final step of every DDoS protection plan is stopping the cyberattack and tracing the attacker.

5 Uses of DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers in USA

A variety of web businesses can use a DDoS-protected dedicated server in USA. While this type of protected hosting is suitable for every website, it is explicitly recommended for some web businesses. Discover if you are one of them from the below list.

  • Gaming servers
  • E-commerce platform
  • Banking servers
  • Email servers
  • Software service-based servers


A dedicated server USA has much more to offer to the client with dedicated resources like RAM, disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. All this is made possible through private server space. 

Every website faces the risk of cyberattacks like DDoS, which come in a variety of forms. These cyber-attacks may target a website through the application layer and DNS amplification. The best dedicated server in USA includes DDoS protection. Make sure you have this type of secured server hosting if you work on a gaming, banking, or e-commerce server.

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