Get 10K+ Instagram Likes With These Colored Curly Hair Extensions


Instagram has become the hub of everything. Be it about modern music, latest gadgets, stylish outfits, or the most desiring hairstyles of the time. The good thing about Instagram is that the algorithm will push you to get numerous likes if you wear something trendy and exciting. 

So, how to get thousands of likes with curly hair is what this blog is all about. Well, here we are specifically focusing on curly hair extensions because this texture is very much in the trend and is being adored by many. In this blog, we will talk about some interesting hair color ideas you could try on your curly hair extensions or real curly hair to get that red hearts.

Burnt Honey

A deep caramelized color with shades of rusty red is definitely breathtaking. This hair color is quite intense, and if you wear this on curly hair extensions, your curls look even more denser and coily. This kind of hair color goes very well if you are wearing hair at shoulder length or bob cut.

Fire Orange

A very interesting new hair color that is being highly appreciated on Instagram these days. Fire orange is a lovely color, especially in the autumn, which will come in the next three months, and the Halloween season. This hair color puts your skin color into focus. 

Ashy Purple

It is in the shades of purple, and anything that is in purple is being loved by many. Thanks to Ks pop culture for it. You can wear an ashy purple tone in your curly hair extensions and give an edgy look to your look. Either you wear this hair extension in a floral dress for black latex, it compliments both of them very well.


Now, this hair color is for those female friends that want to get lots of likes on Instagram but still have to go to Job daily. The espresso hair color is a deep coffee that gives character to your curly hair extensions at the same time, it is decent enough to wear on a daily basis. This hair color goes very well with gold and accessories. So think of yourself getting her clothes up with gold earrings and a gold choker is definitely 10K plus worth of likes.


Another trendy hair color idea for my working professionals. The mahogany shade is a very mature hair color that has a lot of chicness to it. If you wear this hair color on your curly hair extensions and pose in front of gray or wooden background, your picture will pop and definitely be an Insta hit!

Teal Blue

The metallic teal blue is as famous and trendy as Kylie Jenner, the Insta Guru. You can wear this shade on your curly hair wig and keep it in waistline length. Now wear it with noodle strap tops and pose. Your picture will definitely be noticed.

Shiny Ube

Shiny Ube is basically the color of purple, with a hint of black, which is absolutely gorgeous. If you wear the shiny one with curly hair extensions, especially in 4A texture, it gives you more impact and euporia feels. Then it doesn’t matter either. You wear it with a boxer T-shirt, or a bodycon dress. This look will put you on the trending.

Silver Ash

Silver ash hair shade is one of the trendy hair colors you can’t see in salons these days. Well, you can be even trendy by doing it on the curly hair extensions because it is generally done on wavy or straight hair. If you do this color on the curly hair texture, the Ringletts of your hair pop more and end up better defined, which doubles up the beauty of this hair texture. Now imagine doing a Photoshoot in the black-and-white photo while wearing these extensions! You smiled, right?

Dusty Rose

A very feminine and beautiful hair color is a definite try. If you are the kind of girl who likes to keep her Instagram feed in a girly aesthetic, then you should try this combination. Having dusty rose on curly hair texture with hashtag #barbieincurls with definitely throw a spotlight on you

Pink Purple Ombre

Anything you do that looks like direct or indirect Instagram branding is always given a weightage by Instagram. So if you do pink and purple ombre shades on your curly hair extensions. It is definitely going to push your picture on the top of the algorithm to give you thousands of likes. But it is not only about likes. Thisnombre combination is very Astro funky, a trending fashion genre getting highlighted these days.

Why Get Custom Color On Curly Hair Extensions?

The colors we mentioned above look great installing, but unfortunately, they are not readily available on curly hair extensions. Even if they are, these curly hair extensions are generally made of synthetic hair that leads to very Limited shelf life. That is why it is recommended that you buy premium human hair curly extenions or wigs and color them as per your choice. Because-

  • Firstly, it gives you the freedom to customize them as per your requirement. 
  • Secondly, their being real gives the most authentic and perfect look. 
  • Thirdly, they can have a more remarkable shelf life.
  •  And lastly, you can re-purpose them as per your desire.


So, here we are towards the end of the blog with some amazing hair color ideas that definitely need to be tried on curly clip in hair extensions. Just make sure you buy quality curly hair extensions  wigs that allow you to color experiment and enjoy this experience freely.

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