Can astrology predict health problems?

Astrology has been giving us insights and answers to the unknown for years. It has given us clarity about various aspects of our lives. While commonly associated with predicting personal traits, relationships, and career paths, there is growing curiosity about its potential to predict health issues. Can astrology really provide insight into our well-being? In this blog, we will explore the world of medical astrology. We will understand its merits, acknowledging that astrology can provide valuable insights.

Astrology is an ancient discipline that relates celestial movements to everyday events. It holds that the positions and movements of celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth can influence his or her character, experiences, and even possible health conditions. Astrologers interpret this information using birth charts or Kundalis that are made with the details of the birth of an individual. These charts are analyzed to gain insight into various aspects of life, including health.

Planet  Affected body parts  Potential diseases caused by it
  Sun The right eye, belly, head, heart, bones, and skinRight eye complaints, a high temperature, heart problems, bone fractures, weak gut,  leprosy, skin conditions, and internal fever
  Moon Kidneys. left eye, left breast, lungs, mind, lymph, blood, intestines, and alimentary canal.Problems of the kidneys, diabetes, menstrual irregularities, diseases of the breasts, sleeplessness, asthma, and blood poisoning. The left eye, the uterus, the heart, and the lungs are also affected.
  MarsBlood, vitality, energy, the neck, the veins, the female organs, marrow, and the nose.Disorders of the female reproductive system, fractures, urinary diseases, boils, tumors, cancer, hemorrhoids, and menstrual disorders. Ulcers, diarrhea, rectal diseases, mumps, poisonings, wounds, sore eyes, leprosy, itching, blood pressure, fatigue, and hernia.
  JupiterLungs, thighs, semen, tongue, liver, kidney, memory, brain, and ear.Illnesses of the liver, tongue, diabetes, lungs, ears, thighs, memory loss, tumors, urine protein, and blood poisoning.
  VenusFace, eyesight, genitalia, semen urine, skin shine, throat, body water and gland secretions, and chin.Dropsy, glandular disorders, gonorrhea, goiter, cysts, diseases of the urethra, hernia, loss of body luster, and venereal diseases. Throat issues, diabetes, sexual impotence, overall weakness, and anemia are among others.
  SaturnLegs, limbs, muscles, teeth, skin, hair,  Joint bones. ears, spleen, and knees.Weakness, stomach discomfort, fractures, and diseases of the bones, teeth, skin, and legs. Also, ugly hair, mental anxiety, muscle pain, paralysis, hysteria, deafness, and baldness are just a few of the physical and mental conditions that might result.
  Rahu  Breathing, neck, and feet.Respiratory issues, spleen enlargement, cataracts, hydrocele, varicose veins, hiccups, stuttering, poisoning, foot illnesses, ulcers, boils, leprosy, respiratory issues, and spleen enlargement.
  Ketu  Belly, feetLung issues, discomfort in the eyes, pain in the stomach, boils, pain throughout the body, and illnesses with no known origin. Intestinal worms, speech and hearing issues, brain disorders, low blood pressure, and phobias.
  MercuryThe back, gall bladder, lungs, tongue, arms, mouth, hair, navel, skin, nose, spine, and blood vesselsChickenpox, navel, nose, and gall bladder disorders. Indigestion, fractures, typhoid, paralysis, seizures, ulcers, rare skin diseases, and a few of the illnesses that can affect the chest and nerves.

Astrology and Health- MEDICAL ASTROLOGY

Medical astrology is a specialized branch of astrology that focuses on health-related issues. It draws on ancient wisdom and observations. It combines celestial influences with traditional medical knowledge. Experts of medical astrology believe that the positions of celestial bodies can offer valuable insights into potential health strengths and problems.

According to medical astrology, each sign of the zodiac rules specific body parts and systems. The planets and aspects between them influence their health status. See the table to understand the connection better:

Guidance from premium astrologers has become quite easy with the technological developments over the last few years. There are several online platforms today that are offering their services of connecting astrologers from around the world with users via chat and calls. One of these reliable platforms is Anytime Astro, which connects you with more than 1000 highly qualified and experienced astrologers. On Anytime Astro, you can chat with an astrologer online for free to get predictions for all your health problems. Appropriate guidance from an expert gives people motivation to make their lifestyle healthier. They understand the cosmic perspective towards health and take charge of making it better.

It can serve as an additional tool that can be responsible for making people aware of the potential health hazards. There are a few organs and systems specifically weak and prone to frequent illnesses because of the influence of cosmic energies. This is what astrology tends to convey in advance with the added advantage of consultation anywhere, anytime.


The medical branch of astrology has proven to be effective over the years. It helps people by preparing them for any potential health problems and encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It is without doubt that it cannot completely replace medical sciences, but it can definitely provide insights about eating better and taking medical assistance in advance to be fully prepared. The availability of free online chat services makes it convenient for individuals to further explore astrology. It helps people engage in useful conversations with experienced astrologers, encouraging a sense of self-determination and self-awareness.

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